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A Circular Economy- Upholsterer's Delight

With all the concern about our environment it is a pleasure to read about a "Circular Economy". What that means is we are becoming more responsible stewards of the world around us. How does it work? Well, for starters, we are realizing the potential for our used but no longer wanted or needed items. Places like the Restore or thrift shops are a great way to pass along anything from clothing and toys to books and dishes or even furniture. The next step is to find your creative inner self and figure out ways to repair and reuse these little treasures in your home or yard. There are endless ways to accomplish this. Cleaning the items, painting, refinishing, and of course, reupholstering! Putting your own touch on it so you love it! Bring in the item you want to bring full circle today and we will help you find the perfect look.

The items in the pictures are all part of that circular economy. The old rocking chair was found on the side of the road. We had it brought into our shop and it was restored and reupholstered. The golden barrel chair was a find at our local St. Vincent De Paul's store. We reupholstered it in the rich blue. The red rocking chair was brought in to us by someone cleaning out an old cabin on the lake. He didn't want it and hated the thought of it going to the dump. We took it, painted it red and white and added the stars on the seat. VOILA! New patriotic look and a comfy seat for the family of a service member. What a great way to keep these pieces alive!

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