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Owner Merle Sellers joins team full time

After 20 years at the local funeral home, Merle has begun a new chapter. He has come full time to the upholstery shop to help grow and develop our family business! We are so blessed to be part of the this wonderful community! We've met many people and made new friends along the way. Now, we are looking forward to serving our customers together as a team. Merle has always enjoyed working with his hands. He has pitched in with home improvements as well as refurbishing the shop. Now he's putting those skills to work for your furniture. He has already saved a few pieces that others have deemed hopeless. Do you have a piece that falls into the hopeless category? Call the shop for a consultation. Maybe we can save your "hopeless" piece too! (906) 286-4041

Sikes Furniture Co., reupholstering,
Manistique Upholstery reupholstered this Sikes Furniture Company chair for a local owner.

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