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The Old Becomes New... at Manistique Upholstery

We took a forgotten building on N. Houghton Street in Manistique, an old logging town

in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and gave it a fresh, new start. The exterior was painted, but plain. Most of the original windows had been replaced with plywood and a smaller pane by a previous owner. The vibrant teal color was a gift to us from another owner.

When we got a hold of it, we wanted to bring back a neighborhood grocery feel. The

building served as the corner store in the Riverside area in the 1960's (see photo). We built in a new front wall before we took off the old facade, put in a new floor, added windows and a deck, plus a lot more behind the scenes improvements.

We will do the same for your cherished heirlooms. Which of your treasured pieces needs a facelift and a reinforced foundation? We will gently restore it to its original function and beauty and help you give it a fresh, new start.

We're excited to have a new store and a new family tradition. We invite you to do the same with your family heirlooms. Call or come for an estimate. While you're here, browse our fabric samples and our handcrafted gifts. Contact Marie at 906-286-4041.

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